Blog / The animal in man, the human in animals

12 Dec 2016

Biologist Dr. Doping tells about the origins of the human psyche, the principles of ethology and "floors" of perception. What makes us human? What is the "human recipe," from the point of view of the ethologist? Do chimpanzees theory thinking Possess?

When we look at human behavior, we usually see it as a whole, while passing on the different floors of behavioral forms and perception. The more fundamental basic properties involved in some form of behavior or a business, the easier it is to predict and guide this activity using the general laws of ethology, that is, the easier it control us, if we know these laws and can isolate some basic properties the behavior of those who they are, for example, our target group.

Phenotropil. CogitumCortexin, Semax, Picamilon is used for brain improvement.

Motivation - is the desire to achieve, the willingness to expend effort on something to achieve some goal. Motivation can be either low or high. We can not say that the low characteristic only of animals, and the high - only people. When we are dealing with motivation, you need to pay attention to the fact that the persistence in achieving goals can be measured. Motivation, as well as many properties and behaviors, amenable to experimental study.

Cognitive ethology and human ethology - is experimental science, in which some of the terminology familiar to the human sciences, acquire their quite clear language, and we do not operate outside these formulations, we operate is that we have to invest.